We are able to accommodate the following guests, including, but not limited to:

  1. Foreign Workers currently staying in dorms (Companies will need to seek MOM approval before relocated their workers from current dormitories)
  2. Transfer Domestic Helpers
  3. People at Risk
  4. Malaysians who are unable to return home or commute back to Malaysia
  5. Expats who are waiting for a flight out of Singapore
  6. Citizens / Expats who are looking for temporary housing
  7. Citizens who are required to serve Stay Home Notice
  8. Healthcare Professionals

Daily, weekly and monthly rates available.

Please contact the following or fmore information or enquiries:

Phone: +65 6295 4295

Email: lavender@rucksackinn.com


For reservations at
Rucksack Inn @ Lavender


For group bookings of more than
10 people at any of the properties,
please drop us an email at